Version 1.3 comes with a number of other dot releases that were not announced here simply because of the tight timeline. I apologize for the rapid dot release updates, I’ve just been trying to knock out bug fixes for customers ASAP. I hope to stabilize the schedule from here on out as the codebase matures. On to the release notes!

[New] New filter: searchwp_search_query_order to allow changing the search query order results at runtime
[New] New filter: searchwp_max_index_attempts to allow control over how many times the indexer should try to index a post
[New] New filter: searchwp_prevent_indexing to allow exclusion of post IDs from the index process entirely
[Improvement] Better low-level interception of WordPress query process so as to accommodate other plugin workflows
[Improvement] Better realtime monitoring of indexer progress
[Improvement] Better detection and handling of troublesome posts when indexing
[Improvement] Better handling of 'initial index complete' notification after purging and reindexing
[Improvement] Cleaned up purging and uninstallation routines

[Improvement] Search statistics are no longer reset along with purging the index
[Improvement] Better options cleanup both during index purges and uninstallations
[Improvement] Improvement in overall indexer performance, not by a large margin, but some

[Fix] Fixed an issue where the database environment check was too aggressive and prevented activation before the environment was set up

[Fix] Fixed an issue where numeric Custom Field data was not indexed accurately
[Improvement] Better detection for custom database table creation

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