Version 2.2.1 is now available for all active license holders and includes a number of small bugfixes. It is a recommended update for everyone.

Full changelog:

  • [Improvement] Better handling of indexer stall check
  • [Improvement] Switched Admin Bar entry from ‘Currently Being Indexed’ to ‘In index queue’ for accuracy’s sake
  • [Improvement] Better handling of delta updates prior to the initial index being built
  • [Improvement] Better implementation of searchwp_exclusive_regex_matches usage, matches are now extracted earlier resulting in more concise results
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where manually edited PDF content would be overwritten by a subsequent delta index update after saving
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that may have prevented the indexer from fully waking up when waking up the indexer
  • [Fix] Fixed a false positive when checking for WPML Integration
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with Xpdf Integration not saving the extracted text

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