This Documentation is for SearchWP Version 3

Theme Incompatibilities

SearchWP aims to be a good WordPress citizen and work with any WordPress theme, but there are known issues with the following themes that will prevent indexing and or displaying results:

Atlas (ThemeForest 5736374)

Atlas uses it’s own search setup utilizing WordPress WP-Advanced-Search that is highly customized. In theory SearchWP could be swapped in, but that has not been confirmed by Atlas customers to date.

Alfie (ThemeForest 5017252)

Unfortunately Alfie does not use native WordPress search and instead offloads pretty much all of it’s logic to the theme’s index.php. It hijacks search by using it’s own searchform.php, adding a hidden input that forces an additional $_GET variable of post_type which is parsed in index.php. In order to integrate with SearchWP you will need to remove the offending hidden input in searchform.php and create search.php in the theme folder, which will need to be customized from scratch.


YOOtheme themes use it’s internal framework to perform searches, so search results pages out of the box with YOOthemes will not use SearchWP. You will need to create your ownsearch.php and set it up to iterate through The Loop based on YOOtheme search results pages. It is assumed this conflict is present in all YOOthemes.

BeanThemes Base

There is a hook in place that interferes with SearchWP results:


Applies it’s own manual search, here is a modified search.php:

Engo theme

Has a redundant WP_Query in the search results template that must be removed.

the7 theme

Updated March 24, 2016 – the7’s search results template supports it’s built-in post types, but if you enable post types outside of that (e.g. Media) you will need to create a Child theme and add this to the Child theme functions.php:

// add this to your CHILD theme functions.php
function my_presscore_search_loop_post_content() {
global $post;
dt_get_template_part( 'blog/masonry/blog-masonry-post' );
add_action( 'presscore_search_loop_post_content', 'my_presscore_search_loop_post_content' );
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